Thursday, April 6, 2017

Author Robert Germaux Releases His Fourth Book - Book Tour Press Release



Pittsburgh, PA – April 3, 2017 - Author Robert Germaux has just released his fourth book, Grammar Sex and Other Stuff, and he’s set to take it on the virtual road with My Book Tour, April 3 through April 7.

The title of Robert’s new book is provocative indeed! Yet, there’s no need for concern, since it’s completely G-rated. As a retired high school English teacher, Robert Germaux learned a long time ago that a sense of humor is necessary in life. “Grammar Sex and Other Stuff is one man’s humorous take on life’s little moments, minor annoyances and unexpected delights,” Robert explains.

After publishing two crime novels and one romance novel, Robert decided it was time for a genre change. “I’ve enjoyed reading a couple of local newspaper columnists for several years. At some point, my wife suggested I try writing some essays myself, with an eye towards having enough for a book. So to anyone who enjoys the book, you can thank Cynthia for planting the idea in my head,” he says.

My Book Tour is happy to be taking another one of Robert Germaux’s books on the virtual road with a book tour. The tour will begin on April 3 and run through April 7. A giveaway and other surprises are planned for the event.

In addition to Grammar Sex andOther Stuff, Robert Germaux’s other books, Small Talk, The Backup Husband and Hard Court, are all available in eBook format on at a cost of just 2.99 each. Readers are encouraged to contact the author via his website.


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